When choosing to work with us in the search for your new property, we become a team. We will work together very closely in determining what properties will be right for you, as well as the process in which we will take to get you into whatever home you choose. Below is a little bit of information on how this will work. It’s important to note that when we join your team for your search, THERE IS NO CHARGE TO YOU!!! we get paid a co-operating fee from the selling brokerage.

Buying a home should be one of the most exciting things a person can do. It’s a new beginning, an upgrade for a growing family, or a long time dream coming to fruition. However there are many hurdles that can come along during this process. That’s where we come in. My expertise in the process of buying real estate, combined with my knowledge of the Winnipeg real estate market will ensure that your experience will be as smooth, and enjoyable as possible. Our goal is to not only meet your expectations, but to go above and beyond to serve you properly. Below we have outlined some of the steps that are involved in the home buying process.

With the Winnipeg real estate market being what it is these days, the number one thing we recommend to my buyers, is to be pre-approved. Having taken care of this step at the beginning of our relationship will significantly increase the odds of not missing out on the property that is right for you. When the home that fits perfectly comes along, you will be able to act fast, and put forward an offer that will much more likely be attractive to the sellers, while ensuring that you remain in your comfort zone. I work closely with qualified mortgage brokers. We can have them come to you if you live a busy life as many of us do. Whatever it takes, is what we are willing to do.

Now having figured out your budget, we would move along to what kind of property is right for you. No matter what you’re looking for, or how specific your needs, we will find the right place for you. Once we narrow down the criteria for your search, we can notify you however you like of new listings that meet your standards. The most popular way now is by e-mail. It’s as easy as checking your e-mail to browse through the houses that could be of interest.

Once we’ve narrowed down some places that have peaked your interest we would then go through them together. We will work around your schedule to make this as convenient as possible. Pictures can only tell you so much about a property. These trips through the homes are the most important part. We will guide you through this, paying close attention to detail, and pointing out both positives and negatives, so to make your decision as easy and as educated as possible.

Now we’ve found the right place. From here we will guide you through the sometimes confusing process of writing an offer to purchase. We will go over all the details you want, and once we come to an agreement of a price you would be comfortable with, we will go to work negotiating on your behalf. Once the offer is accepted, we take care of all the paperwork, and make sure your interests are protected. Even after the deal has closed, we are available at all times for any questions, or concerns that may arise.